Enterprise Working Solutions

Many businesses are concerned about information security when its employees are working from home on their own devices. What security do they have? Is their operating system up-to-date? Where is your intellectual property being stored, and who can access it? Productivity can be severely harmed if devices are old and slow, and without a full suite of business applications employees will not be able to work as effectively.

As a result of the changing working patterns, Aúno is now delivering a suite of solutions to cater to your business.

We can also deliver and manage the best working from home solutions, providing a fully-featured Microsoft Sharepoint system integrated with your Exchange, Teams and security software. We provide VOIP solutions, from single-line connections to complex switchboards.

We have developed enterprise-grade remote access to fully-featured, secure Windows desktops accessible from anywhere in the world from on any operating system or device type. Your employees will feel like they’re working on a PC in the office, and your files will be secured on a private drive. All our solutions include an off-site encrypted backup, securing your data from any disaster.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your organisation, and to find out how we can save you money, secure your data and increase productivity.